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We are asking, with our hat in our hands, for your financial support for our beloved 1883 bowstring the McIntyre Bridge. By asking each of you to contribute to this fund raising campaign, we can enter Phase 2 - construction and reset of this 120’ historic bowstring bridge, swept away by flood waters in August of 2010.

* Structural engineering phase has started and will be finished in mid-April.
* May deadline for State Historic Preservation Grant for the bulk of the funding
* Rehabilitation of the iron top chord and bottom chord of the bridge in July and August.
* Reset on the still intact piers in the Fall 2011.
* $125,000 to complete our project..
* Phase 1 Complete- Big Bridge Lift and Salvage – Final Cost $105,000 Funded - private & grant funding, $55,000 
in-kind donations by contractors in the area. = Community Support is not easy to find, very rare, and has
proven tremendously important to the successful outcome of our project.

The project isn’t just about the bridge, but how the bridge, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, provides much needed access to Millgrove Access Wildlife Area. These acres represent our past in Iowa - part of our national heritage.- and there aren’t many places left like this. In the mid 1800s, when settlers, our ancestors, were just starting the westward expansion, they stopped by places just like this river and this place. We have received Emerging Partner Status with Silos and Smokestacks Heritage Area and are committed to telling the history of the mill, the crossing and the bridge and the importance of the river for the growth of the farm to market economy. They are urging us to collaborate with the Wagaman Mill, just upstream in Lynnville, in order to tell a much more broad story. In a state that is now mainly row crops and manufacturing, it is important to let an area like this stay as rustic as possible, but also to raise public awareness of how much fun it is go out to the bridge, and hang out by the river.We invite you and your employees to visit Millgrove, now with little access.

The area is managed by the Poweshiek County Conservation Board. The CCB also manages Robertson Access in Mahaska County, south of the river, adds acres of remote hiking. When the county was unable to fund bridge restoration  and demolition was scheduled, it fell to us locals to take up the burden. W are hoping that with the help of many we can create a space that will last for many generations. NSRGA leases 10 acres and owns the bridge for $1.00. until restoration is complete and the bridge is returned to the County. The combined $50,000 we are seeking from this campaign will support the matching funds we require for restoration, and funding for future maintenance. It is important that this area remain accessible to all for hunting, fishing, hiking, and that the educational community is made aware of the potential. in their curricula.

NSRGA is a 501(c)(3) corporation and your donation is tax deductible to the fullest amount allowed by law. Our appreciation of your company will be documented by adding your name to our funders list and making that list part of our signage at the area as we show our pride in this jewel of the prairie and the strength of the people that live in the region. For more information on our project, please go to You may donate through our Pay Pal system or send a check directly to the address above. Thank you so much in advance for your support. and don’t hesitate to call with any questions.


Julie Bowers
Executive Director