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Now that we are still on the Historic Register we can begin the process to utilize the real name of our bridge, The McIntyre.  The bridge was called the McDowell on our nomination form, but three sources have now identified that that was incorrect.

The area was first called McIntyre Crossing and then the bridge was built over the N. Skunk River at Millgrove and was called the McIntyre.

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The McIntyre Bridge, also known as the McDowell Bridge, Skunk River Bridge, humpback, located 8.9 miles southwest of Montezuma, lies on an abandoned roadway that formerly intersected with River Road in Section 35 of Sugar Creek Township. The bridge is 167 feet in length, with the iron span 120 feet long. The bowstring was manufactured in 1883 by the King Iron Bridge and Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Alan King Sloan, a descendant of Zenas King, has created an online museum and it was Mr. King that granted $1500 to the project to get us going and he provided leads to leading bridge restoration experts, pontists, across the country.

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The N. Skunk River Greenbelt Association was founded in January of 2010, and is dedicated to the preservation of the wild stretch of the N. Skunk River, it's greenbelt and it's bowstring bridge, the McIntyre. This is the only place for access to and over the river in Poweshiek county.

NSRGA operates exclusively with a volunteer board of directors, and one paid consultant. Tax deductible gifts may be made to this nonprofit corporation.

The efforts of NSRGA are aimed at these areas of concern

Preservation & Restoration: rescue, salvage and restoration of the 1883 McIntyre Bridge, to get it out of the water, standing up on it's own bow and string and restored, eventually back over the river.

Education about the importance of these old iron bridges, how the McIntyre came to be in Poweshiek County, why a mill was built here, and how important the bridge was to the growth of agriculture.

Recreational opportunities for the community and visitors to the area, providing picnic grounds, hiking trails, and public water access and to work with the County Conservation Board in providing a quality experience for all.

We invite you to join our activities.

For information about us please contact us 641.260.1262


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